Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Accident

   Hello my name is Angel i am going to tell you about a sory of my accident of my dog. One day i   was playing outside with my friend and all of a sudden we heard a noise behind the hedge. A coyote poped out and me and my friends were pined against a tree all of a sudden my french mastiff poped out of know where and started clashing amongst them self. Then we told my dad and  so he brought out his double barrel shot gun and  tryed to target  the coyote but shot are dog  in the limb. Then he shot a second time and it executed the coyote after we threw the coyotes body away me and my dad took my dog to the vetinarian and they said he would live but he would no longer have 4 legs so me and my dog couldn't do all the activities we use to do but one summer we trained really hard because i thought it would be a creative activity for a dog with 3 legs to enter a smimming contest it almost seemed in possible to be able to train my dog until my graandparents gave me some cash so i could afford to pay for classes for my dog to practice swiming. My dog Trixy she was trying really hard to try to win this contest, finaly the day came and it was time for trixy to show those other dogs whos boss. So me and trixy walked over to the sign in area we waited for a while they called we got in the water. Then they called are name they told me if i wanted my dog to have a 5 second head start i said no because i knew trixy was capable enough to win the race. Trixy started off in first place but she started to slow down because she was tired so when it was all over trixy came in second place and i was so happy for her we won 50 dollars i spent it on a new dog house for her she liked it and i lived happily ever after with the best dog in the whole world.

Monday, October 17, 2011

why i write

I write to Entertain people because i enjoy showing people what i write.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mood & Setting Story

It is a small Bungalow in the snow in winter, in the forest it is an affectionate and intimate mood in the bungalow. The hedges are all petrified and have snow all over them. The trees have lost all of there leaves the bungalow looks deserted because there's no lights in the inside. The snow looks very vast i miss my bungalow i should have never sold it. I miss the fragrance of the wood burning and seeing the critters around my bungalow.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bean Project

Problem: Wich bean will grow faster than the other.
Background: Knowledge: bean will grow.
Hypothesis: The plant that has water will grow faster than the one with orange juice.
Materials: 2cups, 2beans, water, goggles, and orange juice.
Method: Me and Kenneth put soil in each cup than we measurerd how far to put the bean in.
Experiment: Orangejuice.
Collect Data: Turned it in.
Conclusion: Plant one grew bigger than plant two plant to we tried to grow with Orangejuice.
Questions for Exstension: What if the plant grew in orange juice.

Angel's Science Question

1. I am teaching my class mates about Divergent,Transform,and Convergent Boundaries.
2. I found my Information in my science text book.
3. A poster
4. Plate boundaries